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Google Doodle Thanks Health Workers And Researchers

Thank you coronavirus helpers
Thank you coronavirus helpers

On Monday a tweet expressed gratitude to scientists for their efforts to fight the Coronary Viral Pandemic. A heart is doodled which features a scientist who stands in front of the podium and it shows graphical background symbols that represent the research being done. The authors of doodles wrote in an open letter to the public health workers and researchers, which was also attributed by scientists and public health officials. The doodle's reach was restricted solely in India.

Thank you to our heroes

Police recognize healthcare professionals [MP3]. Certainly a great start for nurses' week. [PEEPING] Oh! We want to express gratitude to everyone that worked during this outbreak. It has become our centre of focus where we bring all our things.

Lizzo's Thank You Video

Lizzo surprised staff members of many hospitals by serving lunches and releasing video messages praising their efforts at a front line operation. Retail outlets opened at the time of Coronavirus, but those stores also closed.

New York Hospital receives a frightful response

Local fire department members praised the health care staff at New York University Langone Hospital. What is Corona's pathogen and why is it causing this disease? Our Cleveland patients debunk all myriad Corona virus myths.

Visual stories

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Thank you Frontline”

What about that famous song Alanais Morissette said: Thanks for the support! This coronavirus cover is thankful to everyone involved in the crisis, including some surprises.

Boris Johnson's Thanks to NHS England

After releasing himself from hospital in England for treatment with Coronavirus, he expressed his gratitude to the NHS and expressed his gratitude to his personal nurse.

Morristown Medical Center Has Sweet Reminders

There is an abundance of congratulatory messages written in countless places by doctors, nurses and the staff at Morristown Health Center.

Thank You Caravan

Workers get a socially distancing greeting in the midst of the thanks caravan passing by safe vehicles from nearby Sibley Medical Center.

Get creative for Coronavirus Helpers

What do you do with the time you spend on the front line? It's a relaxing drawing tutorial. Shows the best method for making face mask.

Kids Around the United States Say Thanks

The video went viral immediately. Looking for some ways to donate your Ph.D. to medical professionals facing coronary artery disease?

Thank you to our hospital heroes

Thank you to all those who helped with coronavirus disease. Use an arrow to move between messages.

Patient's Extreme Expression of gratitude

A recovering COVID-19 patient from China sits up and prays to her doctor.

Thank you coronavirus helpers

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