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23 Best 'Thank You Coronavirus Helpers' Videos on YouTube!


It is crucial to not take coronavirus medical personnel and vital personnel for granted while they fight at the front of the worldwide pandemic. The "Thank You Coronavirus Helpers" videos are a simple way to express our gratitude to those with lives in danger to save us each day and serve as a reminder to always look for the ones who can help. With everything from songs cheers to tributes to celebrities and more, this " Thank You Coronavirus Helpers" videos are sure to help you stay positive during the coronavirus an easier task and allow us to feel a bit more connected even while socially disconnecting.

1. New York-Presbyterian Hospital Workers Won't Stop Believin'

The medical staff at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital praised and performed the the Journey iconic "Don't Stop Believin'" to celebrate the COVID-19 patients' being released and to celebrate each other beating the pandemic.

2. Lizzo's Thank You Video

Lizzo shocked staffers in various hospitals with meals. She also made heartfelt videos to thank them for fighting coronavirus in the frontline.

3. New Yorkers Getting Loud

New York City residents have been showing their appreciation to healthcare workers throughout the night. at 7 p.m. people gather to their balconies, porches or sit on their windows to cheer, applaud and occasionally sing along to coronavirus fighters on the frontline.

4. Getting Creative for Coronavirus Helpers

Do you need something to keep you active and also to show appreciation to the front-line employees? This relaxing drawing tutorial is just the thing for you.

5. "Thank U Frontline"

Do you remember Alanis Morissette's classic "Thank U?" This coronavirus song is a thank you to all the critical workers who are involved during the outbreak, and includes those who might surprise you.

6. NYC Hospital Gets a Fiery Response

Local fire departments expressed their gratitude to medical personnel on the NYU Langone Medical Center in the Big Apple.

7. Morristown Medical Center Has Sweet Reminders

Sweet messages have been sent to hospital workers who are arriving at and departing work across Morristown Medical Center in Morristown, N.J., thanking staff, nurses and doctors for all they do.

8. Growing and Harvesting Thanks for Farmers

There are plenty of people working to bring you the fresh fruits, vegetables and milk that you've been enjoying. This video honors the farmers who still work in order to provide you with food in the midst of the pandemic.

9. Hospital for Special Surgery Cops Some Gratitude

The staff, nurses, and doctors of the Hospital for Special Surgery got some support by New York City police officers.

10. Kids Around America Say Thanks

A teacher from Carlsbad, Calif., invited family members and friends of the family members to film their children thanking first responders and vital workers. The video went forgive the pun quickly.

11. Cleveland Clinic's Window Into Kindness

A patient who was cured of coronavirus wrote an emotional note of appreciation to the medical staff of Cleveland Clinic in the glass window in the room he was in for isolation.

12. Daisy Ridley's Tribute

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Daisy Ridley is well-known for being averse to social media. This is what makes her reading the story to show her appreciation to frontline workers a more powerful gesture than those from other celebrities who are usually awed by flexing for the camera!

13. Look for the Helpers Tribute

This delightful roundup contains an abundance of videos of corona-kind acts.

14. RWJ Barnabas Salutes Their Own

Two employees who contracted coronavirus in the RWJ Barnabas Medical Center received an honor guard salute following their recuperation.

15. Thank You Caravan

Workers are given a social distancing salute from their neighbors at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. In an Thank you caravan of vehicles that pass in a safe manner.

16. Boris Johnson's Thanks to NHS

After his release from hospital due to coronavirus treatment U.K. President Boris Johnson delivered his heartfelt appreciation for the National Health Service and expressed gratitude to two of his personal nurses.

17. Patient's Extreme Expression of Gratitude

A COVID-19 patient who was cured located in Wuhan, China, literally kneeled to thank her medical team who saved her life..

18. Europeans Get Clappy

There are many other ones to express their appreciation at the quantity. People in a variety of European cities also reacted by applauding and cheering on their key workers and frontline personnel.

19. Healthcare Workers Rise Up

This video, which is set in the Andra Day ballad "Rise Up," shows only a small portion of the issues healthcare professionals face in every day.

20. Kids Raise Their Voices

SOS From the Kids wrote and performed a song to thank the hardworking.

21. Google Shows Gratitude

Google has put together the video of what users are looking for to express gratitude and assist health professionals.

22. Tribute to the Unsung Heroes

Some heroes don't wear capes. Some are dressed in scrubs.

23. Drawing Thanks

This tutorial on art teaches viewers how to create their own extremely creative "Thank You" card for coronavirus first responders, vital health workers, and other workers.

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