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Google Doodle Thanks Health Workers And Researchers

Google   on Monday shared a doodle to express gratitude towards   health workers   and scientific researchers people who have been combating the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on the forefront.   The 'G' in Google sent out a heart to 'e' which has been doodleized to feature a person from the scientific community standing on a podium with some visualizations in the background signifying research. In a short note "Thank You: Public health workers and researchers in the scientific community",   Google Doodle   said dedicated the doodle to all the public health workers and to researchers in the scientific community. The outreach of the doodle was limited exclusively to India.Google doodle's thank you come amidst a tsunami of Coronavirus cases that India is battling now with more than 3.5 lakh daily cases recorded for two consecutive days. With 3,52,991 people testing positive for coronavirus infection in a day, the highest so far, India's total tally of   Co